End Time Warrior

Welcome to End Time Warrior.com. The Watchman is sounding the Alarm! Heed the Warning! The Great Deception is starting and the return of Yeshua is imminent! This is the Ensign for all the Nations to gather under One banner, the flag of truth, his name is "Jesus" Yeshua. Join the team Today! Scroll Down.

About the Author

           “I guess the best place to start, is to tell my story how God saved my life, right here.”   Hello my name is Jerry Shockley. The name Jerry means warrior, so I guess you could say I was meant to be a Warrior.  I had no idea that 20 years ago you would have told me I… Read more →

Market Crash Right Around the Corner

Market Crash Right Around the Corner! ! ! The is the year of the Shemita ending in September 2014, with the culmination of 4 blood moons. The last two major market crashes have occurred on a Shemita year.  This is the time where we need to find the favor and the blessing from the Lord, and be in right standing… Read more →

Satin’s Planned Deception

Lucifer “Satin’s” Great Deception Please Note: As I started to prepare myself to build this website I earnestly pursued YHWH our creator and asked for His divine inspiration for this website, through much fasting and prayers.  Here is a disclaimer: these are my views that I believe  to be directly downloaded from God “YHWH” Himself, I am not a English… Read more →

Hello End Time Warriors!

Welcome to End Time Warrior! This is where you will be able to connect with End Time Christian Warriors like yourself, and learn about the End Time Outpouring and the Return of Yeshua. But before I go any further, let me ask you one question. If you were to die right NOW would you go to heaven? If you hesitated… Read more →